Here you can find a collection of reviews from couples who’ve devoted some kindly words:

Roger & Marta were married on 31th May 2014 and said …

preboda-roger-i-marta-28Hiring David to be the photographer at our wedding has been very pleasant from the very beginning.  He has made it very easy for us to make pre-wedding, the wedding story and, his amazing photocall triumphed greatly among the guests! Furthermore, it is surprising when you see the pictures and you realize that, while almost unnoticed at the wedding, he was always there at the best time taking pictures that allow us now to see the wedding through a hole and to immortalize both the most tender looks and the funniest scenes . The truth is that David is one of those people who transmits a passion for the work he does, and that is truely priceless!

Roger & Marta

Ramon & Anna were married on 24th May 2014 and said …

casament-anna-i-ramon-david-datzira-fotograf-sabadell-barcelona-fotografo-photographer-rustic-photocall-la-salut-castellarnau-valles-occidental-original-funny-divertit-54We got married on May 24. We chose David to be our photographer because when we spoke with him, he showed us some fantastic photos from other reports and because we saw a young professional, passionate about his work and really looking forward to do our story.

We are very proud to have chosen him because he made ??some great photos and very well knew how to capture all the different moments of day.

Thanks to him we have great memories of that great day and delivered in record time.

Undoubtedly David is the right photographer for any event.

Thank you, David

Anna and Ramon.

Dani & Simo were married on 21th December 2013 and said …

boda casament wedding photographer photography fotografia argentona baladia nuvis barcelona-4Our wedding was unforgettable. And everything was possible thank to all the people that collaborated with it, among who David was.
We won’t talk about his artistic work because it’s obvious that it has no possible argument against. His pictures are spontaneous, capture the moment, the unforgettable moments… Thats why, as a photographer, he is an excellent professional.
But apart from the professional there’s a person underneath. And this, apart from his experience, it’s what made us choose him to immortalize the most important day of our lives. His kindness, will to work, the contact, the inexistent invasion when taking the pictures (since he stayed unseen) are some of the aspects to highlight among much others.

If we had to repeat the experience we wouldn’t hesitate in contact him again and we are sure that we will rely on him in a cuter for other works.
Thank you for everything, David.

Simo and Dani

Eddi & Montse were married on 17 November 2013 and said …

boda eddi i montse_-267The 17/11/13 was a really special day for us. We wanted to thank the photographers for all the work they did during the whole day. We felt really comfortable, not only us but also our friends and family. The pictures he took were spontaneous and with some unforgettable moments. He knew how to capture what we pleased.

We want to highlight David’s kindness and also his disposition in every moment. We could say much more things about him, but if you look for an original, discreet and that captures the best moments photographer this is David Datzira. We want share much more events with him in the future.

Thank you for everything David.

Eddi and Montse

Guillem & Cristina were married on 12 October 2013 and said …

fotografo-boda-barcelona-la-garriga-de-castelladral-david-datzira-fotograf-photographer-48“I am a professional photographer, and for our wedding day we wanted as a photographer someone who was not one of our close photographer friends.

I contacted David because I knew his fantastic work, I liked his point of view, his kind of  documentary photography, without any major alterations or subsequent editions, quirky and classic.

The work delivered has been great, it has fully meet our expectations, and reflects exactly what we wanted from our wedding day.

His speed in the delivery of the report, its pervasiveness throughout the wedding, his professionalism, his kindness, his love for the work he does … are some of the many qualities that could describe David.

Oh! and the Photocall … an excellent way to take photographs, much different from the usual, where kids and adults enjoyed it, so 100% recommended!”

Josep Maria & Alejandra were married on 7 September 2013 and said …

_MG_0161We would like to thank David and his team who were with us together in a day as special as it was our wedding. A young team but absolutely professional. That made us feel as if we were family, no rush or pressure, but knowing always to capture all the details of everything that happened. And above all, thank you for the patience and know-how that you showed during the photocall. It was very fun for all of us! And a very original gift for our guests.

Gus and Nina were married on 22 September 2012 and said …

Casament Gus i NinaDavid, we are so pleased by the way you understood and knew how to shoot what we wanted, how you understood the sense ceremony, how you adapted to our wishes with the delay and also by your creativity and professionalism. The photographs are delightful and faithfully reflect the magic of that day, full of surprises, love and nice company.