→ How would you define yourself as a photographer?

My interests have leaded me to all the different fields in photography, mostly in issues related to social events. Moreover, I love capturing emotions, that’s why I pay so much attention to the details.

→ How do you work?

I like working with everything organized, as not to miss any detail. I want us to meet; this closeness will be the one that will allow us to take better shots. The comfortable you feel with me, the more we gain!

→ What defines your working style?

It’s a close and personalized treat that allows me to take care of every detail following the customer’s preferences.

→ What makes the difference between you and a typical photographer?

I want my pictures to be modern and spontaneous. I’d rather avoid poses as the pictures to be as natural as possible; we have to tell how the day is really happening! Every wedding is different!

→ What kind of experience have you got as a wedding photographer?

I’ve been working as a wedding photographer for 5 years. I really love it and I enjoy taking pictures, thinking about transgressive and different compositions, always with your agreement and if it matches with your preferences.

→What does a wedding report includes?

The wedding report includes: full day coverage of the wedding, since the couple’s house to the ball, a private web gallery, the whole edition of the report selected and the delivery of it in a USB. More info here.

→ Which alternative services do you offer?

Photocall and printer service.

→ Which equipment do you work with?

Canon is the brand of all my equipment, with the proper lens to cover all different needs and light conditions.

→ Which team do you work with?

I can always count on an auxiliary photographer in the wedding report.

→ Do you get in touch with the couple before the wedding personally?

Yes, it’s a direct treatment. After the first meeting we establish a planning; we meet a month before your big day to get to the nitty gritty and we revise it the week of the event as not to miss anything.

→ When do we have to contract your services?

Whenever you want, but you have to consider that I just work in a wedding per day.

→ Which travelling availability have you got?

I can travel wherever you feel.

→ Do you ever work in more than a wedding per day?

No, I just work in a wedding each day and I don’t subcontract.

→ Do you edit the original photographs?

It is necessary to adjust the photograph, it has to be natural and talk by itself.

→ Do you record video at the wedding?

No. I am a photographer so I work exclusively with photographs.

→ What’s the average of edited pictures you will deliver us?

The report with the chosen and edited photographs has between 400 and 600 photographs.

→ Will you deliver all the photographs?

Yes, and without any watermark.

→ Do you edit the albums yourself?

The best way to control the product is doing it yourself from the beginning to the end and always following what we agreed and with your approval.

→ How long will it take to you to deliver the pictures?

The edited photographs will be delivered sooner than a month after the end of the wedding.

→ Do you sell the wedding photographs?

No, even though you ask for it.

→ How much do the services cost?

My prices start at 1250€.

→ Is it possible to contact the services per hour?

Yes, except the weddings.

→ Do you give coverage to every kind of events?

Yes. Weddings, birthdays, stag and hen parties ;) and other events.